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 Program Only: 324,000 JPY(

Includes accommodation, food, necessary transportation during the program, activity fee are included. Please note:Transportation to the meetup place is NOT included.


If you prefer us to arrange your Izumo return flight from/to major airports in Japan, please select either one from the following options. NOTE: This fare is additional fee to the above program price;

Domestic Flight

 Tokyo(Haneda) return: 64,600 JPY

(Departure: JAL 277, 28th May 2019, FROM Tokyo 07:35, TO Izumo 09:00, Return: JAL 284, 31st May 2019, FROM Izumo 16:15, TO Tokyo 17:40)

 Nagoya(Komaki) return: 24,000 JPY

(Departure: FDA 411, 28th May 2019, FROM Nagoya 07:55, TO Izumo 08:45, Return: FDA 418, 31st May 2019, FROM Izumo 18:35, TO Nagoya 19:35)

 Osaka(Itami) return: 44,000 JPY

(Departure: JAL 2341, 28th May 2019, FROM Osaka 07:10, TO Izumo 08:00, Return: JAL 2356, 31st May 2019, FROM Izumo 16:55, TO Osaka 17:45)

 Fukuoka return: 56,600 JPY

(Departure: JAC 3551, 28th May 2019, FROM Fukuoka 07:50, TO Izumo 08:55, Return: JAC 3554, 31st May 2019, FROM Izumo 16:25, TO Osaka 17:40)



Participants who need certain assistance including expectant mothers, allergies(food/animal etc.), religious beliefs, or a request for a single room on Day 2 and 3, please let us know. We make some practical arrangements to care your concern.

Please make sure to confirm whether you need visa to enter Japan. As we have no services for this, make sure to apply by yourself. Also, do not forget confirming when your passport expires.
Though our program cares safety, we ask you to be covered with your own oversea travel insurance. Since sickness or injury at oversea costs a lot, it provides you a capability to deal with unexpected problems.

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